SoundCloud Podcast

Standards: 1) a script – in your script, make sure you explicitly answer your research question
2) intro and outro music 
3) upload the podcast to your blog
4) include a summary, reflection, and the standards in your blog post
5) link the blog post here to this Edmodo assignment


How do you stop obesity? I went through a lot of research trying to find various sources that would ultimately lead me to a solution to the question. This podcast informs you on ways to help lower the obesity rates in the U.S. drastically. It also provides information on current statistics that allow you to understand how significant the growing epidemic of obesity is today. The solution in my podcast..well you’ll just have to tune in to find out.

Reflecting back on this semester long assignment made me think of all the hard work ive put into this. It was an interesting project. I learned america is fat, and her people are fatter. We need to work out. I am pleased that I didnt have to work with a group because I prefer self reliance. Overall I did good.